The Studio G Interior Design projects are the result of a balanced research of technology, materials, style, design and contamination. Our purpose is to satisfy the idea and the expectation of the customer about the space and its way of being lived. Our desire is to improve the quality of life by creating sustainable environments that respect and enhance the well-being of those who live there. In each project, places and materials are always the starting point, and tradition and representation instances of the client are also the needed point of arrival. Thanks to this approach, born from the creativity and sensitivity markedly made in Italy, the concept of style is declined each time in a new project, becoming always a unique experience custom-tailored designed.

Carlotta Boschi & Gioiella Giacchi

Studio G Interior Design is composed by Gioiella Giacchi and Carlotta Boschi, mother and daughter, each with their own professional history, their passion and their skills, united by creativity and a great passion for taste and beauty.

Gioiella began her adventure in the interior world in 1985 with Tecno-Arredo, her first design studio. She embarks on a profitable path in retail, creates a collection of lamps and in parallel collaborates with large companies, including Camel, Giannotti Oro, Daewoo. Parallel to the commercial sector, she develops a strong interest in the private and residential house-home designs. Her approach is based on beauty, functionality and proportion: she analyzes the needs of the client and the space to furnish, proposes ideas and products that come into symbiosis with each other, paying particular attention to the practical and functional aspects of living the home, so that the environment is in complete harmony. She has many years of experience also in the shipbuilding field, which allows her to perfectly follow all the phases of the project.

Carlotta, from a young age, decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother attending the course of Industrial Design at the University of Florence. Immediately after graduation, he worked at Studio Svetti collaborating for the development of international projects of the Graziella Group. In addition to the passion for design, interior design and furnishings, Carlotta specializes in home decoration, use and knowledge of fabrics, appreciating the flexibility of application and the beauty of the material, especially when natural. In 2016 she created EGGWOOD Our Design – “our design” a creative and flexible project born from family stimuli and passion cultivated and passed on by the mother over the years to her daughter, who designs a series of products including a collection of iron bookcases and reclaimed wood and a collection of bags created with high quality furnishing fabrics.